Testing mimicry in butterflies

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Camouflage is a trait that makes it very hard to see an animal in its natural habitat. Redundancy in the outcome of natural selection is most evident in the beautiful examples of mimicry in butterflies.

Mimicry comes in different forms. Mimicry comes in different forms. One is between poisonous and nonpoisonous butterfly species, discovered by and named after the British naturalist Henry Walter Bates. Examples of mimicry are the resemblance of the viceroy butterfly to the monarch butterfly, which is repugnant to birds; harmless nettles that resemble stinging nettles; and the many fishes, crabs, and slugs of the Sargasso Sea that resemble the floating seaweed masses they inhabit.

Butterfly genome reveals promiscuous exchange of mimicry adaptations among species

Progress 05/01/04 to 09/30/05 Outputs North American Admiral butterflies (genus Limenitis) have been the subjects of intense study for well over a century.

Interest in this group stems largely from the observation that both wing pattern mimicry and hybridization are unusually common within this closely related complex of butterflies.

RESEARCH ARTICLE Open Access Gradual and contingent evolutionary emergence of leaf mimicry in butterfly wing patterns Takao K Suzuki*, Shuichiro Tomita and Hideki Sezutsu Abstract Background: Special resemblance of animals to natural objects such as leaves provides a representative example of.

Batesian mimicry is common among butterflies.


It is also quite diverse with numerous polymorphic and sex-limited mimicry types. Currently there is little understanding of how this diversity is distributed among species, and how different mimicry types have evolved in relation to each other.

Testing mimicry in butterflies
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Coevolution Case Study: Butterfly Mimicry – Little Chargaffs