Photography doesnt always show the reality of a painters view

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Fine-art photography

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How to Create Fine Art Images from the Mundane

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This exhibition lays out what. Wassily Kandinsky Everything we see hides another thing; we always want to see what is hidden by what we see.

René Magritte The relationship between painting and photography has extended the possibilities of image creation. (And Some of the Photographers They Influenced) If you think that this doesn't seem to fit in with photography.

Art implies control of reality, for reality itself possesses no sense of the aesthetic. Photography becomes art when certain controls are applied. So, a fine art photograph must go beyond the literal representation of a scene or subject.

Aug 15,  · You won't get into trouble with your boss by sticking a few abstract daubs on the office wall with a certificate from some gallery to confirm that it's art. Ultimately, it doesn't matter too much whether or not people think of photography as 'art'.

Edward Weston, the painters of The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, even Michelangelo all produced bodies of work that reflected on reality and how best to translate that into art.

You don’t need expensive trips around the world to exotic places or whole teams of people to create fine art photography. Numerous professional publications such as La Lumiere in Paris, the Photographic Journal in London, and others in Italy, Germany and the United States were at the vanguard of discussions regarding photography as a legitimate art form, promoting spaces which would included exhibitions of photography as well as painting.

Photography doesnt always show the reality of a painters view
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