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– This approach, starting philosophy with the phenomenology of experience, became the foundation for the main tradition in continental European philosophy. - phenomenology - the science of phenomena as distinct from that of the nature of being./the study of consciousness on the objects of direct experience.

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Conquer your course and sign up for free today! Philosophy at University of Kansas - Online Flashcards, Study Guides and Notes -. This is designed as a first course in Philosophical Ethics.

We’ll mainly be concerned with two sorts of questions. First, what, if anything, is morally right, wrong, good, bad, or obligatory? Philosophy (): Formal Logic Winter SECTION I - SENTENTIAL LOGIC. LESSON INTRODUCTION AND THE TRUTH-FUNCTIONAL CONNECTIVES.

PURPOSE This lesson will acquaint you with the basic notions of logic, and introduce you to the focus of Section I: Sentential Logic. OBJECTIVES After completing this lesson, you should: 1. Philosophy Philosophy East and West Autumn, Instructor Dr.

Ryan Jordan [email protected] Catalog Description Comparative introductory study of major philosophical traditions of east and west: ethics, metaphysics, epistemology, philosophy of religion.

4 credits (UQ or GP) Pre-Requisites None.

Philosophy Philosophy East and West Autumn, Instructor Dr. Ryan Jordan [email protected] Catalog Description Comparative introductory study of major philosophical .

Philosophy 160
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