Persuasive speech on organ donation

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Persuasive Speech Topics and Ideas

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Organ Donor Persuasive Speech

Enumerating the technical qualities of literary verse, as English teachers do each day, seems like. SC Persuasive Speech. General Purpose: To Persuade Specific Purpose: I want my audience to plan for organ and tissue donation.

Thesis: Everyone should make plans to ensure the donation of organs/tissues upon death. View Notes - organ donor persuasive speech outline from COM at Guilford Technical Community College. Title: Organ Donation Name: Susie Smith GeneralPurpose: Topersuade Specific Purpose: To.

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A persuasive speech about the subject of becoming an organ donor is a good example of using a specific call to action, in this case the call to action of registering to be become an organ donor. There are many important and noble reasons for becoming an organ donor, so let us look at them in more detail using the format of a persuasive argument.

Persuasive speech on organ donation
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