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A Here of Organizational Culture:.

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Profiling the OCTAPACE Culture: An Empirical Study of Banking and IT Sectors in India. Feza Tabassum Azmi* and Richa Sharma** Organizational culture is hypothesized to play a decisive role in the development of a unique corporate identity. This unique identity provides organizations with the opportunity to attain strategic leadership.

Program 3: OCTAPACE WORK CULTURE: A Proactive Approach to Sustained Organizational Productivity and Growth Target Group: Young Managers and Executives who are striving to excel in their profession and who are aspiring to occupy key decision making positions in their lives.

The present study measured the general climate and OCTAPACE culture in BSNL. Irrespective of the employee's different age group, experience and qualification, the employees view on general supportive climate is quite general.

This study assesses HRD climate and OCTAPACE culture of Cadbury India Ltd., Thane Plant. It also attempts to understand the change in the culture of the organization i.e.

Cadbury after it was overtaken by Kraft Foods.

Wegmans: HR Practices and Culture

Primary data is collected from respondents both management and workers through a. An optimum level of “Development Climate” is essential for facilitating HRD.

Such a climate is characterized as consisting of the following characteristics i.e. known as OCTAPACE. OCTAPACE- it is a tool to identify the value system, most of the fortune.

main purpose of this paper is to study the OCTAPACE Culture at two different organizations belonging to Hospitality sector in Nagpur. The paper also aims to find out if there are differences in the culture of the two organizations.

OCTAPACE profile instrument developed by Udai Pareek was used to study the cultural ethos at the selected.

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