Language immersion

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4 Reasons Why Learning a New Language Requires Immersion

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Concordia Language Villages is a language immersion program in Bemidji, Minnesota focused on “building globally minded communities” through language and cultural immersion trips. Concordia’s adult immersion programs are all designed for adults, whether you’re looking for professional advancement or personal enrichment, including courses designed specifically for educators and companies.

According to the Center for Applied Linguistics, inthere were only three immersion programs within the United States. As ofthere were language immersion schools in the U.S.

with the three main immersion languages of instruction being Spanish (45%), French (22%), and Mandarin (13%).

Intensive Language Programs

Not all language learners, of course, will have the opportunity to spend some time in an immersion environment. But if you can't actually fly across the world to learn a new language, you can always create an immersion environment. Find native speakers in your. Spanish Immersion Programs. You may have trouble choosing where to go on your Spanish immersion program.

Barcelona has cosmopolitan charm and your classes are held in the Example District, convenient to the stunning Sagrada Familia and Las Ramblas. Intensive Language Immersion Programs If you are contemplating studying abroad and open to the idea of learning a new language quickly, you might be the ideal type of intellectually passionate person for intensive language immersion programs.

Language immersion is just using the language you want to learn all the time. Somehow, we’ve come to think of living in a foreign country as some sort of mystical experience, whereby the language will creep into our brains and slowly grow itself, like some sort of beneficial tapeworm.

Language immersion
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Language Immersion Programs | Most Effective Way to Learn a Language