Land revenue system

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Essay on the Land Revenue System in India

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For UPSC, Land Revenue Systems in British India is always a hot topic for Prelims and Mains. And as per the new syllabus ‘land reforms in India’ is specifically mentioned for GS Mains, and the relevance just got multiplied.

Online Reporting (Schemes/Survey/Revenue Form) LOGIN ** (Only For Department) Restricted for Department and District Level Users. A land/location value tax (LVT), also called a site valuation tax, split rate tax, or site-value rating, is an ad valorem levy on the unimproved value of property taxes, it disregards the value of buildings, personal property and other improvements to real estate.

Land value taxes are generally favored by economists as (unlike other taxes) it does not cause economic inefficiency. Georgism, also called geoism and single tax (archaic), is an economic philosophy holding that, while people should own the value they produce themselves, economic value derived from land (often including natural resources and natural opportunities) should belong equally to all members of society.

Developed from the writings of the economist and social reformer Henry George, the Georgist. Land Revenue System in Rajasthan during British Period.

The land was divided into two main groups, viz. Khalsa and Jagir. Khalsa Land: The land under the direct management of the State (Darbar) was known as Khalsa.

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Jagir Land: The land held by grantees, whether individuals or religious, institutions, was known as non- Khalsa or Jagir.

Land revenue system
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Land Revenue Systems During British Rule