Juridical interest under maltese law

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Separate Corporate Personality Unveiled

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Separate Corporate Personality Unveiled An outline of the exceptions to the separate corporate juridical personality under Maltese law and jurisprudence. The landmark case of “Salomon v Salomon” in the UK established the principle of separate juridical personality and today represents a fundamental pillar of company law doctrine.

grima michelle the ship charterer under maltese law dr ann fenech (supervisor) sciberras alexander reforming the principle of juridical interest: a necessary democratization of the civil action dr p galea (supervisor) university of malta faculty of laws ll.d 2 nd year (/05) approved theses titles.

Moreover, juridical interest forms part of the “presupposti processuali” that is a requirement to have in existence a valid action and in fact without the juridical interest an action cannot be instituted. Our Maltese code does not contain any provision of law defining juridical interest or setting out the requirements, but the requirements at law can be deduced from some of the articles such as: The Maltese legal system deals with governmental liability in the same way in which it deals with liability of ordinary persons in cases of tort or quasi-tort under the Civil Code.

A higher rate of interest may be recovered under Maltese late payment provisions. Evidence. Disclosure. To bring an action a claimant must show that he has a juridical interest in the case (that is, a sufficient connection to bring a lawsuit on a particular matter or act on behalf of others).

Separate Corporate Personality Unveiled

Maltese law recognises the procedure of.

Juridical interest under maltese law
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