History of reality shows

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Reality television

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History of Reality TV

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The Five Fakest History Channel Reality Shows in History

Love it or hate it, reality TV is here to stay. In fact, that most upmarket of constructed reality series, Made in Chelsea, returns to E4 tonight for a second series, following Ollie, Spencer, Caggie and the gang’s latest adventures in SW1. Sign in now to see your channels and recommendations! Sign in.

History Reality Shows

Watch Queue Queue. Check out HISTORY's shows lineup.

Reality TV

Find show info, videos, and exclusive content on HISTORY. All reality television shows go by the standard guidelines that regular television shows go by. The only difference is more editing and censorship would be added. Any fan of reality TV knows two things: the secret is in the editing, and everyone involved ends up looking like an idiot (Deziel ).

The History of Reality TV. Even though the term reality television is largely used to identify shows that have emerged since the yearthe history of reality TV goes back farther than you might think.

Ever since modern reality television dawned with a promise to stop being polite and start being real (MTV's The Real World, of course!), the format has promised a glimpse into subcultures too long.

History of Reality TV History of reality shows
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America's First Reality TV Show