Bread of salt setting

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Bread of Salt by N.V.M Gonzales 1. + Bread of Salt N.V.M Gonzalez 2. + 3. + a) Place • Bakeshop • Aida’s house for the party • School b) Time • ’s in the Philippines Setting 4. The bread of salt! How did it get that name?

From where did its flavor come, through what secret action of flour and yeast? At the risk of being jostled from the counter by early buyers. Setting: 's Philippines Bakeshop Don Esteban's House School Street Summary: The story is all about a teenage boy who buys pan de sal or ‘bread of salt’ because of its wonderful flavor.

Every day, he walks by the house of the old Spaniard’s niece, Aida, whom the boy liked. He would follow her everyday to. Mar 18,  · What's the morale and setting of the story "the bread of salt" by NVM gonzalez?

need it ASAP. pls and thanks. Follow. 2 "Moses and the Ten Plagues" action figure set? Poll: Have you ever wanted to make out with your bread maker?

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A accademiaprofessionebianca.comt? More questions. Poll: Crusty or Soft Bread?Status: Resolved. Transcript of THE BREAD OF SALT by NVM Gonzales. THE BREAD OF SALT by NVM Gonzales Story: Characters Story: Point of View The Bread Of Salt December afternoon, Pete was at the door of their classroom.

The Bread of Salt, by NVM Gonzalez

Pete was as if to tell him a secret. Setting 's, Philippines Bakeshop Don Esteban's house School Street. The Bread of Salt, by NVM Gonzalez. About; History; Reservations; the stone fence of the Spaniard’s compound set off the house as if it were a castle.

Sunrise brought a wash of silver upon the roofs of the laundry and garden sheds which had been built low and close to the fence. Presidential Museum and Library. 2/F Kalayaan Hall.

Bread of salt setting
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